Does Caffeine Effect Your Restless Legs?

You think I would learn, but I am a little dense at times. I know what a great difference caffeine can make in the severity of my RLS at night, especially any coca cola products, but I forget about chocolate and the amount of caffeine it can have. I just need to satiate my cravings for chocolate with something else or at least be smart enough not to eat it late at night.

Early To Bed & RLS

I have been molling over the idea that the time we go to bed and rise in the morning can have an impact on the severity of our restless legs. The old saying of “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” has more truth in it than we give it credit. I read of a woman that had her hours at work changed to later in the day, so of course, she was going to bed later. She just mentioned in passing that her RLS had gotten worse. Coincidence?

Restless Leg Syndrome and Exercise

Here is my weekly post:

I have exercised all my life, partly because I couldn’t stay still, but mainly because of the health benefits and how it made me feel. However, it wasn’t until my RLS became so bad that I started to try different exercises to try and help the pain and discomfort I was experiencing. I found mainly through accident that walking later in the evening; outside in good weather and an elliptical trainer on bad days; helped me to sleep better at night. If I exercised too hard, it had the opposite effect.