Mercury Poisoning and Restless Leg Syndrome?

This letter was posted on a blog I visit and I felt it was worth mentioning. Is there a correlation or is it just a coincidence? Here is the log and my response.

I suffered from RLS as well until about 18 months ago. I also had other symptoms and searched the net for answers. All pointed to Mercury Poisoning. Not being in contact with mercury led to search possible sources. DENTAL AMALGUM POISONING (Silver Fillings) was the only contact I had. (So I) Had all my fillings removed, started herbal treatment to remove mercury from my system, and have not had RLS since then. Worth looking into as a possible solution.

It is interesting that you should bring that up. I just read an indepth article about
silver fillings in teeth and the mercury that is a part of that and the poison that could be leaking into our bodies as a result. It was very enlighting. My first thought was could RLS be related and bingo you write a log about it. It would be interesting to find out how many RLS sufferers have silver fillings. It would be fascinating to see if there is a link.

Restless legs – Depression – Bio-identical Hormones

Hi Everyone,
I decided to share a personal story with all of you that I believe is all connected in someway.
You have to forgive my prejudices, but I think anti-depressant drugs have created worse side effects than the depression many of us have suffered from in our lifetimes. It is interesting that for some odd reason (that someone might figure out eventually), many of us that suffer from Restless Legs Syndrome also experience depression, anxiety and panic. Yes, I know not sleeping can make one depressed, but did we have some symptoms of depression even before we had RLS? Did RLS create the depression or did the chemical imbalance of depression create RLS? I don’t truly know the answer to that, but it would be an interesting study.
I had quite severe depression in college many years ago, and had no idea, that that was what I was experiencing. It wasn’t talked about then. I just knew that when the black hole started to suck me in that I would be miserable, panicked, and scared that maybe this time I wouldn’t be able to climb out of the hole. I eventually found the will and the ability to cope with it and some steps to control it without medicine and spent most of my life happy with just intermittent times of anxiety and panic. Then I found Bio-identical hormones (Yes, these are for men and women) and realized I suffered all those years needlessly. Why this cure isn’t shouted from the house tops I don’t know, but it probably has to do with the huge Pharmaceuticals in this country, that make a fortune from our ignorance. They are so much cheaper than the drugs that are out there now. I just can’t tell you what a difference my quality of life is now that I am taking them and the greatest part is they are all natural and there are NO SIDE EFFECTS. The interesting thing is that now that my body is REALLY chemically balanced my RLS has diminished. Go figure?
I would love for everyone to know about Bio- identicals. To find a Doctor that prescribes them just get on the internet and search for a compounding pharmacy in your state and call them, and then ask for a Doctor in your area that works with Bio-identical Hormones. If I have convinced anyone to try them I would love to hear from you, because I know they will change your life around. They have for me. (There is a whole other letter I need to write about how Bio-identicals have helped me to lose weight, but I’ll save it for another time.)