Restless Leg Syndrome Runs in the Family

I ran across this article by Donald Suanders, that I agree with, but find it interesting that it has taken so long for a study to be done on restless leg syndrome. Well, I’m grateful for the publicity on RLS, because now the medical profession seems to be taking it seriously, and that’s good for all of us that suffer with it. Here is just a portion of the article.
“The first element in the picture is that of a genetic basis for restless legs syndrome. It is now accepted that this condition runs in families with one study showing that as many of half of all cases show a family history. This is re-enforced by recent chromosome studies identifying a specific gene that is believed to play an important part in susceptibility to restless legs syndrome. Perhaps most significant of all however is a report published by the Mayo Clinic at the end of last year which showed that in a study of more than 500 children nearly three quarters of those with restless legs syndrome had a family history of the disorder.

The second element in the picture is that of an iron deficiency in sufferers. A number of studies by respected institutions, such as John Hopkins University, have shown that low levels of iron are common in cases of restless legs syndrome. It comes as no surprise therefore that more than eighty percent of the children in the Mayo Clinic study with restless legs syndrome also showed low iron levels.”

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