Watching my life style

Well, I haven’t written as I wanted to, but I have kept a close watch on things I have been doing. I really haven’t changed anything from my normal routine, except that I had to stop taking my calcium with magnesium at night, due to problems I was having with my kidneys, possible kidney stones. I noticed right away that my sleeping at night deteriorated. I was more restless and it took me longer to get to sleep. So, I started to look around at other possible types of calcium that I might still be able to take that wouldn’t cause me problems. One of my Doctors recommended Calcium lactate, it is a more natural form from plants and with the help of magnesium is absorped into the body more easily. I decided to stop at a health food store to purchase some and ran into the owner of the store that was a wealth of knowledge on the benefits and downfall of calcium. This is what I learned. In the US we have the highest rate of osteoporosis and the highest consumption of calcium. Something isn’t working is it? The Chinese don’t even have a word for osteoporosis,  and they only consume 75 miligram of calcium a day, as opposed to the US recommendation of 1000 mg a day. However, most of our calcium is in a form that is not absorped into the body. Now, I have know for sometime that you need to take magnesium with your calcium to help the body absorp it, but I didn’t realize, until the owner of the Health Food Store told me, that magnesium is also one of the best supplements to help you sleep at night. Might be the reason it helps so much with restless leg syndrome. So, if nothing else start taking calcium lactate with magnesium for not only your restless legs but for those of you that have trouble falling asleep.


Keeping Track of Exercise and Sleep Habits

I think I might start keeping track of what I eat, the exercise and sleep I get and any unusual things I might do doing the week. I would like to have a little more hard data on what really brings on RLS for me and in doing so I might help others who suffer from RLS. I know when I stop paying attention, that is when I notice an onslaught of symptoms. Funny how that seems to apply to so many things in life. Just when you think you have conquered some bad habit or you have really licked your sweet tooth you stop paying attention and you become complacent, that is when everything falls apart and you start to slip into old bad habits and paths of least resistance. Who knows, if I can be vigilant with my RLS, I might finally stick to my exercise routine. Since, in most cases they are related, I just might get a 2 for 1.

Here’s hoping just mentioning it on my blog will help me stick to my resolve. So, if you can give any words of support, I am listening.