Sleep, Hectic Lifestyles and RLS!

Sleep, that hard fought battle that we often lose. There are many ideas out there on how to increase sleep. I have mentioned several my self, such as no caffiene at night, light exercise or walking in the evening, taking calcium and magnesium before bedtime, and avoiding too much sitting before bed in tight restraining clothes. Many RLS sufferers recommend the popular drugs on the market, which I don’t, but they do say it gives them temporary relief.  Anyway, I have noticed another interesting fact about sleep, at least for me. That is; when I don’t get enough sleep or I wait too long to go to bed after I notice an increase in the restlessness of my legs, I have a much harder time getting to sleep. I have heard from other RLS sufferers, that they sleep better going to bed early in the wee hours of the morning, but that hasn’t been my experience. Could it be that we as a society are basically sleep deprived most of the time because of our hectic lifestyles? Could it be that we take such a long time to wind down from the day that sleep completely alludes us, until our body just shuts down in those early morning hours and that is why they can finally sleep? Doesn’t that just start a vicious circle of less sleep and worse RLS symptoms? Might I suggest that if we really want to cure our restless legs that we need to make a liftestyle change and make sleep a priority. I know that sounds like a contradiction in terms, but think about it, if we continue the vicious cycle, nothing changes and we never get rid of RLS, except become reliant on heavy medication the rest of our lifes; or we could gradually change our sleep habits, not letting our selves get too tired before we head to bed and make the other changes of good exercise and diet, we could find ourselves RLS free in a few years.

Just something to think about.