Chronic Constipation & RLS

Somehow, you would think that constipation has nothing to do with RLS, but may I suggest that it does? So many of the ailments of our bodies are interconnected, so much so that we can’t effectively treat one thing without treating other things as well. I have mentioned before that weaker lower backs can effect restless leg sufferers, what I also believe is that weaker backs can also effect our lower bowels and therefore the toxins that continue to build up in our bodies because of chronic constipation which can also make RLS worse. The constant build up of pressure in the abdominal area can also put more pressure on the lower back as well.

I read in my chiropractor’s newsletter the “Optimal Health University”, that one of the highlights for 2007 was that chiropractic care may help cure chronic constipation. A new case study published in January 2007 indicates that chiroparactic care may help correct chronic constipation, even if traditonal medical treatment has failed to work. THe study was of an 8-year-old boy that had the problem since birth. Allopathic treatment consisting of laxatives, high fluid intake, and high fiber intake had not been effective to date. They determined that he had misalignment of the bones in the hip and low-back area. Chiropractic adjustments were performed along with external massage of the abdomen. According to the study, the patient reported an immediate dramatic improvement in bowel function.

I have found other things as well that can help chronic constipation and that is Dr Christopher’s Lower bowel formula. All of Dr. Christopher’s products are wonderful, check out his website. I was also recently introduced to Sherry Brescia website She has followed a food diet that she says has cured her chronic constipation permanently.

If you are bothered by chronic constipation and RLS, please take the time to study these various forms of help that I have suggested, you just might find the relief you have been unsuccessfully looking for until now.