The Dangers of Hidden Mercury!!

I found another threat of mercury that we women have to watch out for; I wasn’t even aware of until I read it on the Optimal Health University Newsletter that is in my chiropractor’s office. It talked about the dangers of mascara and eye shadow.

“Eye cosmetics – which contain pigments, fragrance, resins and preservatives – are a common cause of eyelid dermatitis. Many also include mercury as a preservative and germ killer. Federal law allows eye products to contain up to 65 parts per million of mercury.”

“A well-known cause of neurological damage, mercury accumulates in the body over time: making even minimal exposure potentially dangerous.”

I have talked about the dangers of mercury that leaches from our fillings and that some research suggests that there could be a link to mercury poison and RLS. Obviously, if it can cause neurological damage it can have an impact on the increase of our symptoms .

If it isn’t one thing it is another and to think of all the years I have used mascara and eye shadow! I just wish the manufacturers would list in plain English what they put in there products and then maybe we could be better informed consumers. Obviously, they don’t want us to be informed because we wouldn’t buy their products.

I have heard of some homeopathic products that supposedly can help remove mercury from our systems. I will see if I can found some names and brands and let you know.

More things to think about.


An Enzyme Fuel for Exercise!

I read an article in my local paper, that talked about some university scientists that had found “a specific enzyme that triggers the building of more “power plants” to fuel the muscles”. In other words, they said: “The more you exercise, the more you can exercise (and) for longer times with less fatigue”. They said it is well known, at least to biologists, that “repeated exercise increases the amount of mitochondria in muscles”. What it does is convert food into a type of energy that helps the muscles to contract.

Now, I have known for a long time that it takes a lot of pain and strain to get in shape and it seems like only a minute to get out of shape. What I liked about this finding? It is nice to know we have help when we are going through all that pain. In other words our own bodies are making it easier for us to get in shape. If that isn’t a great motivation for starting an exercise program I don’t know what is! I have mentioned many times that I think a good exercise program, even if it’s just a daily walk, can greatly help those of us who suffer from RLS. And just think all you have to do is get started and it will get easier from there!

Here’s to a new determination to get out and exercise!


Cold Hands and Feet and Restless Legs?

I recently corresponded with a woman who’s husband had just out of the blue developed cold feet and was also starting to suffer from restless legs as well. She wanted to know if they were related. Not being a doctor I couldn’t say definitively that they were, but reading from the list of problems that are caused when our hormones are out of sync, I felt that low thyroid could be one of the underlying causes.Cold feet and restless legs have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, that is until I discovered Bio-identical Hormones. Since I have been on Bio-identical Hormones I very seldom get cold feet and my RLS has greatly diminished. The reason for that is my thyroid is now balanced. Common symptoms of having a low thyroid are: inability to lose weight (despite dieting and exercising), cold hands and feet, dry skin, mild depression, chronic tiredness (despite plenty of sleep), constipation, brittle finger nails, hair coming out when brushing, forgetfulness, mood swings, irritability and anxiety, to name a few. If you or someone you know is also suffering from these symptoms, maybe you should have your thyroid checked. If that isn’t the problem then the other possibility could be problems with your circulation. I have always felt that poor circulation can worsen symptoms of RLS. I also have a poor circulation, so I try to exercise regularly and wear non-restrictive clothing and shoes.

Good health is worth the time and effort that we spend on it.


Diet and Restless Legs?

Do diet and RLS have anything in common? It is an interesting question. I have long thought that our lower backs can directly effect our symptoms with RLS. Our bowels are located right by our lower backs, if things aren’t working right in that department can it put pressure and distress on our lower backs and can that in turn increase RLS symptoms? I don’t have the answer to that, but it sounds like a logical conclusion to me. What I do know is that what we eat does directly effect our health and maybe if we were more health conscious about what we put into our bodies we could help the severity of RLS or even stop some of the symptoms completely.

If when eating food, digestion or constipation are problems for you, you might be interested in a website I found. It presents a whole new idea on not only what we eat but how we combine foods. The website is On one of it’s advertisements it states that:

“Chemically engineered boxed, bagged, bottled, canned and frozen foods have made us tired, fat and sick…..In addition, the way we combine food that doesn’t digest quickly and easily when eaten together saps energy, adds weight and creates pain, sickness and disease.”

It further states:

“Over 30% of Americans now use antacids and stomach medicines for pain on a regular basis; many need them after every single meal!”

I liked the concepts of this site and have purchased the eBooks and cookbook for myself. I have tried several of the recipes and really liked them. I am trying to slowly change the way I eat and what foods I combine together and it seems to help overall. It has made me eat more small meals so I can enjoy all the fruits I like but that fits right into what science and medicine has espoused for years and that is, we should be eating 6 small meals a day instead of 3 large ones. There is no doubt that as a society we are more fat and less healthy, so maybe there is something to this great taste no pain diet. Let me know what you think.

Just some more ideas to chew on.