Caffeine and Heart Attacks

I apologize to you my readers for having not written for a while again. First, it was my husbands heart attack and now it is a book I am writing on Restless leg Syndrome. I hope to have it ready to publish this summer. Anyway, thanks for staying with me and I appreciate your comments.

In my last post I mentioned a possible link of caffeine to heart attacks.The source of this information was in an article called “The Energy Drink Epidemic”, by a Dr. Thomas J. Boud. He mentions the staggering numbers of energy consumption drinks and that…

“…consumption has more than doubled in the past three years…..This means that many people are drinking energy drinks with a poor understanding of the potential physical and medical side effects of the caffeine contained in the beverages they consume.”

So what can that lead to? He goes on to say:

“Milder conditions include jitteriness, agitation, insomnia, difficulty concentrating, and rapid heart rate. Use of caffeine can lead to a decrease in cerebral blood flow in adults and could increase the chance of compromising long-term growth in infants…..Using caffiene on a long-term basis to compensate for tiredness resulting from life-style choices results not only in sleep deprivation but also in physiological stress. These in turn can lead to an increased level of certain hormones that can lower one’s metabolism. A lower metabolism leads to an increased craving of carbohydrates and sugars and often drinks in order to lose weight, whereas just the opposite may occur. Many physicians believe that this process has contributed significantly to the current problem of obesity in the U.S. Weight gain has a negative influence on the medical conditions fo sleep apnea, diabetes, depression, and even cardiac and cerebrovascular diseases.”

“High caffeine intake can cause a number of other serious problems as well, such as elevated blood pressure, gastrointestinal disorders, and even osteoporosis. Other commonly know physiological effects of caffeine consumtion include acid reflux, urinary incontinence, restless leg syndrome, tremors, irritable bowel syndrome, and atrial fibrillation. Research also indicates a close relationship between caffeine use and elevated cholestrol levels and, potentially, coronary heart disease.”

Now, I know that is a lot of information that needs to be reviewed and not all of it is related to heart disease, but the last sentence is the thing that caught my attention and for me answered the question as to what could possibly have caused my husbands heart attack. He had none of the normal indicators that could have caused a heart attack, except a unhealthy love of coca cola that he consumed in large quantities.

I will leave the final connections to you my readers, but even if you don’t see the connection of caffeine to heart attacks, I hope you picked up on the further proofs that caffeine can cause restless leg syndrome.

Just some more things to think about.