T3 and T4 Thyroid

Just a quick blog to let my readers know that you can no longer get the Bio-Identical  hormone Armor Thyroid. They simple ran out of it, because they could no longer afford to make it. Our natural supplements are just not as well funded as the pharmaceuticals.  I sad story but true and since I just had  blogged about it, I thought I should let you know.  I found out when I went in for my refills. The pharmacist said that another company has picked up the slack and is making another variation of the thyroid hormone, but it is straight T3 and T4 and he feels it will be a better alternative. It also has a slow release additive that will be more effective throughout the day. I will let you know the results later.

Have a great day!


Rest Does a Body Good!

Now this isn’t about sleep, although I have talked about it enough and the importance it plays in our overall health and well being, this is about giving your body a rest from pills, vitamins, supplements, and food.

I am truly a fan of Dr. Christopher’s philosophy of health, if you haven’t noticed that yet. In his ‘Herbal Legacy’ book, he talks about the importance of giving your body a rest from taking his herbs. Dr. Christopher says you should take them 6 days and rest on the seventh, then take them 6 weeks and rest on the 7th week and then evaluate how they are working and how you feel. If things aren’t completed cleaned up then he suggests taking them for 6 more months with the same rotations and rest on the 7 month and reevaluate again. Now I have followed that plan haphazardly at best and sometimes forgotten about it all together. Then something comes up that reminds me of the wisdom of that idea and I recommit to trying again.

One of those times was when my bio-identicals weren’t working very well. I visited my doctor and he suggested giving my body a rest for a couple of days or more and see if that would jump start their effectiveness again. Well I did and they did and Dr. Christopher’s words came to mind. Another time that reminded me of that all important rest was when I was on vacation for a week and left all my hormones, vitamins and supplements home. I was worried that I would feel badly, but just the opposite happened. I felt great and when I got home and started them up again, everything seemed to work better and I felt great.

The last big reminder of the idea that ‘rest does a body good’ is when I tried Dr. Christopher’s 3 day cleanse, (something I will discuss on another blog). It was a little hard but I wasn’t hungry. What surprised me was how invigorated I felt after, and how I craved such healthy foods. Have you ever just felt so bloated and sick of food? Well, I have and whenever I fast I feel less burdened by my own body and the heaviness of food. I have read articles where they suggest a monthly one day fast from food and water, just to give your body a rest so it won’t have to work so hard digesting things for a day and instead let your mind contemplate other things for a change. I know I have felt the benefits of a monthly fast and would recommend it to any healthy person, but not to diabetics or nursing moms.

Sometimes we just overdo things and we need to take a break or rather give our bodies a break. Try it, you might find it helps you too.

Just something to think about.