Leg Cramps! Not Restless Legs?

I don’t know how many of you suffer from leg cramps and I am not talking about Restless Legs here or are they related? If the conditions are not related maybe the results of treatment are? Anyway, what led me to this discovery was the kind of muscle cramps that jerk you awake and shoot you out of bed in the middle of the night kind of leg cramps. I am not sure when mine started but sometimes it feels as if I have always had them. I’ve tried many things over the years to stop them but no one thing seems to give me consistent relief. I have learned a couple of things to avoid; sitting with my legs in one position for a long time and then suddenly moving or letting my feet get really cold. I have also learned a couple of things to do; stretch out before I go to bed and take calcium, magnesium and potassium before I go to bed. These things work most of the time, but lately they seemed to get worse and not to respond to my normal form of treatment. So I talked to one of my alternative health care sources and they gave me two things that seem to be making a difference. The first one is taking a spoonful of liquid trace minerals everyday. These are all natural pH-balanced minerals that our bodies need but which we seem to always be a little low in with our western diet. They are magnesium, chloride, sodium, potassium, sulfate, lithium and boron. The company that makes this particular product is “Liquimins” by Trace Minerals Research. The second one is magnesium oil. I just rub it on the areas that usually cramp the most at night. It is amazing the results I have with both of them. Each alone did not work as well as they did together and I also noticed a very exciting side effect.  It came in a little side bonus from the magnesium oil. I found that it not only helped my leg cramps but my other little aches and pains that I would experience in my hips and back when I would go to bed. When I rubbed the magnesium oil into those areas as well, I found I no longer felt those aches at night and slept much more deeply. Both of the products seem to have made a difference and now I am no longer jolted out of bed at night. So back to my question of leg cramps and not Restless Legs; could these minerals also help with Restless legs? I think it is a good possibility, at least it is worth a try.

I would love to know if anyone else has similar reactions to these minerals and would love to hear about your results.


Udo’s 3-6-9 Fish Oil Blend

I don’t know if any one else hates and I do mean hates to swallow those huge fish oil pills then I have great news for you. I am sure you have heard all the evidence of how beneficial omega fish oils are for our health and since I am very concerned with healthy life styles I have constantly tried to get as many of those omega fish oils down as I could. However, every time I’ve tried to swallow one of those beasts I would nearly choke and then my resolution to take more of them would fade and I would just try to add more fish to my diet. Now I love fish and I thought I was probably getting enough until one of my favorite alternative health care professionals said I probably wasn’t getting enough and introduced me to Udo’s 3-6-9 fish oil blend. I told him I just couldn’t swallow those large pills, so he gave me the actual oil instead. I know what that sounds like, swallowing  a spoonful of oil straight doesn’t sound much better than taking a pill, and it isn’t unless you put it in a smoothie in the morning and then you don’t even knows it’s there. I have been taking one tablespoon every morning for a month now and the the results are astounding. Probably the most dramatic change is in my intestines and bowels. I have been taking Dr. Christopher’s Lower Bowel formula for 20 years and have loved it but I haven’t been able to get off of it without everything getting messed up again. With the addition of Udo’s Blend my bowels have been better than they have in years. I have cut the number of Lower Bowel capsules I take by 75% and I haven’t felt this good in a long time. I have also noticed that my very dry skin has not been as itchy this last month. Now if that bit of information isn’t enough to get you to try Udo’s fish oil then let me add here the many other health benefits that fish oil can bring to our overall health.  I found a nice list of benefit’s on the website: http://www.fish-oil-advice.com/benefits-of-fish-oil/ and decided to list them here. The top 20 proven health benefits of fish oil. 1.  Eases depression 2. Lowers Cholesterol 3. Lowers triglyceride levels 4. Reduces inflammation in the body 5. Eliminates joint pain 6. Improves your skin 7.  Promotes weight loss 8. May prevent Schizophrenia 9. Improves brain function in babies 10. Increases your focus 11. Reduces Post-partum depression 12. Improves vision 13. Reduces soreness from weight training 14. Reduces risk of heart attacks 15.  May slow breast tumor growth 16. Provides relief from Crohn’s disease and Colitis 17. Eases the effects of Alzheimer’s disease 18. Helps treat ulcers 19. Stabilizes mood and 20. Even helps mans best friend.

I think it is worth your time to read the website and the explanations of each benefit and also to get on udo’s website at http://www.udoerasmus.com. I know a list like that can sound too good to be true, but remember this is all healthy stuff and even if you only receive 2 or 3 of those benefits wouldn’t it be worth it? It has been for me and I am looking forward to other changes in my health. Just remember, this list of 20 is much better than the list of possible side effects you might get from the drugs you take for any of the ailments that they have on that list. So why not give healthy and natural a chance?


Aloe Vera

Sorry to my readers for my long hiatus. I was was getting a little discouraged trying to get things set up the way I wanted to and then life just seemed to get in the way and a year and a half passed by in a blur. However, I never stopped collecting more health stories to tell, in fact I have so many now it is overwhelming, but I don’t want to forget the things I have learned and if I don’t record them now I know I will forget them. So this first one is a short simple one and it is one I learned a long time ago and had forgotten until my confidence in  running a half marathon made me stupidly dauntless in running down a mountain where my coordination failed. After limping home holding a bleeding scraped arm and hand and hurting all over after having scrubbed and disinfected with hydrogen peroxide, I wished fervently I could find someway to stop the pain. I tried aspirin, Tylenol and antibiotic cream but nothing seemed to relieve the pain. Then after a sleepless night  I remembered a coworker I had had many years ago that had been in a motorcycle accident without a helmet. He had  used pure Aloe Vera on his face day and night and had come out completely scar free. I also remembered I had done the same thing for my daughter when she was run over by a 4 wheeler and had road rash all over her body. She also was mostly scar free, only 2 small scars were left on her arm and knee. So, I pulled out my Aloe Vera and smothered my scrapes, now I had forgotten that at first it can sting a little bit but the soothing relief spread instantly down my arm and I have not really been bothered with it since. Oh, my arm is still tender and I am careful not to bump it but the relief from the pain I felt was immediate and truly dramatic.

If you haven’t ever used pure Aloe Vera I highly recommend it, it has been used for burns with amazing results for years and now you can add relief from road rash to it’s list of benefits. I would recommend buying it from a health food store but if you can’t find one look for bottles in regular stores that say 100% Aloe Vera, they have other ingredients but they can still be helpful.

Something more to think about.