Flu Season!

It is starting already. The body aches, fever, stuffy nose and drainage down the back of the throat that makes the throat raw and sore. It spreads like wild fire among the masses and seems to hit you at least a couple of times a year. Now I am sure some of you get flu shots and don’t get the flu or just a mild case of it, but I don’t believe in flu shots because of my past experiences with it so I just take my chances each year. Now some might think that is foolish but I have the remedy for the flu down pat so I just don’t worry about it. So for those of you that like to go with natural remedies I thought I would share my recipe for beating the flu or at least minimizing it. Here it is.

First sign of symptoms I spray my throat with Zicam. Don’t use the nose spray because they have found evidence of it interfering with your sense of smell. Just get the throat spray and use it several times a day. It will take away any sore throat you might have and you won’t experience it again if you use it for the duration of the flu. I use Xlear nose spray next and I never have to worry about not being able to breathe. I still have to blow my nose a lot but I can sleep without the stuffiness. Next I take Elderberry in concentrated form. New Chapter is my favorite but it is expensive. I then take Zinc, increase my dose of Vitamin C and take Kyolic Garlic. I also take a supplement that one of my health care professionals developed called 10 Day Results – Get-Well Stay-Well. It is amazing how fast I rebound. I don’t feel great the first 2 days but I can handle work just fine after that and though I don’t have much energy the flu is usually completely gone in a week and a half and I know I feel better than most people with the flu.

Hope you will give it a try. Let me know if it works for you.


Stress and the Adrenal Gland!

I have waited on writing this post for sometime because I wanted to make sure my posts were finally going out to all my subscribers. I feel that this is one of the greatest finds I have ever discovered. It has so dramatically changed my life that I want to share it with others and hopefully give them a little bit of the same feeling.

Anxiety, panic attacks, depression, or seasonal blues have all been in some small part a constant companion in my life since college. For most of my life they have just been bothersome symptoms that I have had to learn to deal with or live with because I wasn’t going to let them ruin my life. I am a happy person and love life and I think if you asked my friends they would all say the same thing, however, there was always this battle I would have to fight to maintain that equilibrium through various times of the year. For those of you that have had any of those kinds of symptoms you know what I am talking about, but I want to make this clear, what I discovered isn’t just for those who have suffered with depression it is for anyone that has ever been in a stressful situation and who hasn’t had one of those situations in their life?

Let me go back about 4 months ago. I was really having a hard time with anxiety or depression. I wasn’t sure which because there was again no reason I should be feeling this way. I was taking Bio-Identicals, Vitamin B3, and I was running a half marathon. Things were going great in my life so why this struggle? All I knew was that I couldn’t shut off my brain. It would go all day and night. Constantly worrying, going over things that really didn’t matter and in general making it feel as if I had voices in my head. Now that is a scary statement, but I am not crazy even though at times it felt that way. I am big on reasoning things out and figuring out what is wrong or going off track and this one had me puzzled. Why after all I knew and all I was taking was I still not able to control these feelings. I actual had a lot of sympathy for those with mental disorders of any kind. I just knew I had to find an answer. I was not going to live my life this way anymore and I definitely was not going to take any drugs to try to relieve the symptoms. So I trotted off to one my favorite health food stores and as I opened the door the first thing I saw was a big sign right in front to me that said” Having anxiety?” Makes me a believer of signs! I said OK now we’re getting somewhere. So I walked over to the product and picked one up. I looked at the ingredients and it was a mix of several herbs but the main ingredient was the Vitamin B complex. Well, I knew that Vitamin B complex is often referred to as the happy pill and I hadn’t been taking it for a while, so that could be part of the problem but deep inside I knew it wasn’t the complete answer. I had taken the B Complex a lot in my life, what I needed to know was what were the other ingredients for and so I asked for help. The answer he gave me caused a great epiphany or paradigm shift in my brain. He said it was for the adrenal gland and instantly I knew what my problem had been since college. OK, so that might be a little simplistic because I know how much all the other things have contributed to my good health, but this was for all the so called emotional symptoms I had suffered from all my life. Now of course I am not a doctor but I know what the adrenal gland is for and so I raced home to do a little more research. The first thing I pulled up, amazingly, gave me the answer. It was a little thing called Adrenal burnout syndrome. Simply put, the adrenal gland isn’t working anymore. As I am sure most of you know when ever we are in a stressful situation our adrenal gland kicks in, it is that flight or fight kind of thing. The problem is when we abuse it by not getting enough sleep or by what we eat and drink and when we never get any relief from really stressful situations, the adrenal gland wears out and doesn’t know how to shut off. So we get those feelings of anxiety or depression or panic attacks or maybe some of those mental issues for which I have great sympathy.

I hope I am helping you see the connection here. We here in America live fast paced stressful lives and we have horrible eating habits. We also never get enough sleep, so why would we think that if we are constantly calling on the adrenal glad to help us, that over time it wouldn’t just wear out and burn up so to speak. Well the answer hit me like a ton of bricks and I knew this was what had happened to me. I started to take the product and could see a small improvement but it wasn’t curing it. So I called my hormone doctor and told him what I had discovered and he said I was absolutely right but if it is that bad you will need a more concentrated product that is actual adrenal gland tissue it self. Sounds yucky but I didn’t care if it worked I’d try anything.

Well, I am not sure how to end this post, to say it worked is an understatement. It was literally a miracle for me. I haven’t felt one of those symptoms since, now don’t get me wrong it won’t stop you from having stressful situations or reacting to those situations, but it will help you to cope with them in a normal way and sleep…? Well the voices or rather my voice has stopped acting so crazy in my head and I find myself just shaking my head when something stressful happens and I calmly respond. That has just not been my normal response since college. I know that it will take a while for my adrenal gland to be 100% and that I will need to help by what I eat and drink but the future looks hopeful and bright and free from anxiety or depression and that is saying something for me!

I truly hope you have a great day!