A Cure for Every Body?

One thing I have learned about health is that every body is different in how it responds to medical treatment, to natural healing, to herbs, to alternative medicines. I once thought that when I discovered some great cure that it would work for everyone. Obviously, that isn’t the case and it is never so apparent as in all the crazy diet schemes that are out on the market. Two people can be on the same diet and one will lose weight and the other won’t. I have found that true for a lot of other things as well, and sometimes it is nothing more than a feeling that a person has that they don’t like what is happening to their body or how the cure is effecting them, whether that is physically, psychologically, mentally or emotionally. So how does one know what to try and what will work. I had a homeopathic healer tell me that we are our own best doctors and if we really listen to our bodies they will tell us what we need. Now she didn’t mean that we would just know what to do and what to use, but rather through a series of trial and error searches and trying different things, if we listened to how our bodies were responding we would know if it was working. I don’t need a doctor to tell me when a drug is having an adverse effect on me and I am becoming allergic to it and I believe we can do the same with all types of treatments.

So how do we go about this search? Well, first of all there are some things we know will help the majority of us. Getting enough sleep! I would put a number of hours on that but I had a friend that could sleep only 4 hours a day and she still had more energy than I did. Again, just listen to your body.

Exercise! We all need to have this be part of our life style, but the type of exercise you choose again should be what works best with your body. I can’t run marathons like my daughter but I can dance the same amount of hours (well I use to be able to) and feel just great.

Eating right! We just have to have the will power to avoid fast foods and the trends of eating that this country has taken. I saw an email on the comparison of how much meals cost between 4 different countries and of course the USA was one of them. The thing that captured my attention wasn’t the difference in cost between the countries which was significant, but the types of foods each countries’ families were consuming. Guess which country had the worst diet with very little fruits and vegetables and whole grains? That’s right the good old US of A.

Enjoying life! We just have far too many stresses, sometimes self imposed, so we need to take time to smell the roses and relax. Stress is killing people and they don’t even know it.

OK, so that is all well and good but what about all these health secrets I am sharing with you or that you read on the internet? Well, if you find yourself trying to find a cure for something that is bothering you, you are already listening to your body so go ahead and try out whatever treatment you have found. It’s the trial and error that works AND listening to your body. I know that the things I talk about will really work for some of you without question. I know they will because they have worked for others, but they might not for everyone. So keep searching and trying. I know you will found something if you don’t give up. We don’t have to accept feeling bad or hurting or having bad health. There are answers out there, you just have to expend a little energy to find them. I know you can do it so keep searching there really is a cure for every body.