I grew up in a small town the daughter of a much loved dentist, where I spent every spare minute I had of freedom outside in nature. Whether it was hiking, riding horses,  swimming or lying on the grass watching the clouds turn into different shapes,  I drank in the smells, sights and sounds of nature. Maybe it is that love of nature and pleasure of seeing God’s handy work that makes me believe there is way to improve our lives naturally. I am not against modern medicine by any means but they don’t have the answers to everything and in fact they are stumped for answers many times. I believe if we want good health we must take charge of our own! Doctors and health professionals can only help us so much if the information we give them is limited. Who better to know your own body then yourself. We just don’t listen sometimes.

I started this blog to share my thoughts and feelings on the things I have learned about health in my lifetime as I experienced struggles and unanswered questions on different health issues. If  I can help even one person to learn to listen and find answers to their health problems then it will have been of value. I truly wish good health for everyone.

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