An Enzyme Fuel for Exercise!

I read an article in my local paper, that talked about some university scientists that had found “a specific enzyme that triggers the building of more “power plants” to fuel the muscles”. In other words, they said: “The more you exercise, the more you can exercise (and) for longer times with less fatigue”. They said it is well known, at least to biologists, that “repeated exercise increases the amount of mitochondria in muscles”. What it does is convert food into a type of energy that helps the muscles to contract.

Now, I have known for a long time that it takes a lot of pain and strain to get in shape and it seems like only a minute to get out of shape. What I liked about this finding? It is nice to know we have help when we are going through all that pain. In other words our own bodies are making it easier for us to get in shape. If that isn’t a great motivation for starting an exercise program I don’t know what is! I have mentioned many times that I think a good exercise program, even if it’s just a daily walk, can greatly help those of us who suffer from RLS. And just think all you have to do is get started and it will get easier from there!

Here’s to a new determination to get out and exercise!


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