Avoiding Kidney Stones by Having Healthy Kidneys!

Well, it might not be a rite of passage, but somehow having the experience of kidney stones does seem to touch most of us at one time or another. It can effect old or young, male or female, no one seems to be exempt. Why do we have them? I have read that eating too much animal protein, taking in too much calcium, being over weight, hereditary tendencies, not drinking enough water or drinking too much soda pop can all factor in, but it doesn’t seem to matter what caused it when you are in the throes of passing a kidney stone and having the excruciating pain that accompanies it. You just have to experience that once and even if it didn’t lead to surgery you know that you never want to experience it again. So, how do we have healthy kidneys and avoid having those kidney stones? Since I have experienced this myself and have sought expert advise as well as listened to what others have done about it and the advise they have received, I have come up with the following conclusions, that have seemed to work for me and others with whom I am acquainted. First of all, drinking lots of water is important, but it is for many other health reasons as well, so you should be drinking around 64 oz. a day anyway. Second is calcium, it is important to have enough but maybe watch that you don’t take in an excessive amount. Third is watching your red meat intake. I am not going to try to dissuade people from eating red meat, just do it in moderation. Fourth is soda pop. How do we stop a national addition to soda pop? I don’t have the answers to that, but you ask patients that are on kidney dialysis and they will tell you that their doctors tell them how harmful soda pop is for their kidneys and that they should never have it again. I had one such patient tell me that the doctor told her if she had avoided soda pop all her life she probably wouldn’t have to be on dialysis now. Ouch!

OK, so we probably have already done all of those bad things to our kidneys, so how do we help our kidneys get healthy and stay that way? This is such a simple formula and works wonders. I would like to take credit for it, but my doctor gave me this little tidbit and I love it. He told me that once a month I should flush out my kidneys by drinking 1 gallon of distilled water with 10 to 12 fresh squeezed lemons in it. He said I could sweeten the drink with a natural sugar like Stevia, but I don’t like the after taste Stevia has so I sometimes put in a little white sugar. I know a real no no. Anyway, you are suppose to drink the whole gallon in one day. Again, I sometimes have trouble downing it all in a day so I might go into the second day, unless I am really hurting and then I make sure I follow the doctors orders. I also follow the advice of a friend that had kidney surgery to remove the stones, I make lemonade my choice of drinks instead of soda pop.

Heres to healthy kidneys!


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  1. You are kind. I am sorry that I was away for such a long time. I got a little discouraged with the website not doing what I needed it to do and just backed off from it. However, I couldn’t stop collecting new health tips and decided someone was trying to tell me something so I started up again. Thanks for the encouragement!

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