T3 and T4 Thyroid

Just a quick blog to let my readers know that you can no longer get the Bio-Identical  hormone Armor Thyroid. They simple ran out of it, because they could no longer afford to make it. Our natural supplements are just not as well funded as the pharmaceuticals.  I sad story but true and since I just had  blogged about it, I thought I should let you know.  I found out when I went in for my refills. The pharmacist said that another company has picked up the slack and is making another variation of the thyroid hormone, but it is straight T3 and T4 and he feels it will be a better alternative. It also has a slow release additive that will be more effective throughout the day. I will let you know the results later.

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Thyroid, Thyroid, Thyroid!

I have been reading so many articles about the thyroid lately and also in  all the alternative health magazines I get, that I just wanted to bring it up once again.  I can’t tell you the difference I have felt taking the natural bio-identical thyroid hormone.  When I took the pharmaceutical grade synthroid, I felt no difference in my symptoms. It wasn’t until I was on armour thyroid that things started to change. Now you might be asking what kind of symptoms is she talking about. In one of my earlier blogs I talked about some of those symptoms but I think it might be helpful to mention them again. I just got an advertisement for a thyroid product in the mail from WellMed, which I am not recommending because I haven’t tried it, but I wanted to use their list of symptoms they give to see if your thyroid is low. It is similar to the previous one I have mentioned. WellMed listed the following symptoms: weight gain, low energy, digestive problems, constipation, itching or rashes, low blood pressure, changes in hair texture, cold hands and feet, muscle aches and cramps, hair loss, mood swings, poor sleep, sugar craving, poor memory, poor complexion,  and high cholesterol.  Most of those I’ve had at one time or another.

I guess what I would like to emphasize in this blog is,  if you are experiencing any combination of those symptoms get your thyroid checked out and make sure the doctor tests for T3 and T4 and not just TSH.

If you can’t afford to go to the doctor you could look into taking a Kelp supplement or selenium. I have not taken either or researched the dosages but both help the thyroid to function better. Dr Christopher mentions the use of Kelp for the thyroid in his 3 day cleanse book.

Take some time to look up the problems a low thyroid can have on your health and I think you will be surprised how much it can effect your health.

Some more things to think about.


The Ambien Scam!

I know that is a pretty incendiary title but wait and judge for yourself. Unfortunately, I have taken Ambien on and off for the last 12 years. No I never took it longer than the prescribed week and most of the time it was one night a week or less, sometimes months in between. I would use it when I hadn’t been getting much sleep for a few days. I figured that if I could get one good night sleep I might stop myself from getting sick and missing work. Now anyone that has taking Ambien knows that it can be addicting even when the drug company says it isn’t. If you can’t sleep but you can when you take Ambien, you soon grow to rely on Ambiens ability to put you to sleep. I simply used it sparingly, thinking I could minimize the risks. All drugs have side effects and if we think otherwise we are simply fooling ourselves.

Now, I knew Ambien could be psychologically addicting and one of my doctors, who also took it occasionally, told me that it could slow your thinking capabilities when you were taking it and possibly more over time. When I heard that I really cut back, but over time the pull for a good night sleep would win out even if it was fewer and farther  between. Now, why I noticed this I am not sure, but one day after I had taken Ambien to sleep, I felt a lot of anxiety. It didn’t make sense, nothing bad had happened that day. Things were going well and in fact I was very happy with recent events in my life. So, why was I feeling anxious ,stressed and depressed. Something was happening to my body that I didn’t like and couldn’t understand. I tried to analyze what I had done that was different that day or the day before, and then it hit me that I had taken Ambien the night before. I had never heard that Ambien could increase depression symptoms or just outright cause them, so I Googled. What I great thing the internet is! I found page after page of people complaining about how Ambien was effecting them. Depression, stressed, anger! Most of the people writing had never had depression in their life. Now, I have had depression but everything I was doing from lifestyle changes to Bio-identical Hormones had changed that. This for me was a frightening discovery. It was literally changing how I felt, and undoing all the good the other things I was using were doing. That is a pretty powerful drug in my estimation.

Now, you have to decide if you think I have a point that Ambien is a scam. For me it was clear that Ambien was perpetuating itself . We get depressed when we don’t sleep so we take Ambien thinking it will help, but it causes the cycle to continue. We are sleeping but we still feel depressed. Well it was clear to me what I needed to do. I don’t take Ambien anymore, I don’t need the artificial depression, life is just too short for that. sometimes we just can’t have our cake and eat it too. We can’t live the hectic lives we do, without some consequences. Sleep might just be one of those, so cut back and relax and get a good night sleep and do it without Ambien.

Just some more things to think about.