The last Part of That Magic Pill

This is the easiest to write about, but probably the most difficult to maintain, because when you are feeling better why do you need to take all that stuff. Stuff such as an iron supplement or calcium and magnesium at night or vitamin B complex. Also you have to give up so much, such as alcohol, coffee, coca colas, chocolate or tobacco, they all make RLS worse, but we enjoy them so much. A regular exercise  routine? We are too busy. Maintaining a regular sleep schedule. In our crazy society? There are lots of excuses but nothing that makes sense if we want to learn to control our disease. Diabetics have to completely change their life styles if they want to live, but since our disease isn’t life or death just quality of life sometimes we don’t want to make the sacrifice. I do the same expecially when my RLS is doing great.

I hope all  of us can get the determination and spirit we need to control our RLS and live happy and pain free lives. We all deserve it, don’t you think?

And I especially hope that you all have a warm and happy Thanksgiving.


The Fountain of Youth for Men and Women: Thyroid, Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone!

Good health, do you have it? Compare your health to where it should be with the symptoms that accompany low levels of our most important hormones; thyroid, estrogen progesterone and testosterone. This is the list that I got when I first visited my hormone therapy doctor. I hope you find it as informative as I did.

Thyroid: The thyroid gland runs the metabolism of the body. It is critical for overall well-being to have thyroid levels well over the 400 mark. Levels below 375 are unhealthy and that includes free T3’s and T4’s not just TSH. Common symptoms of having a low thyroid are: inabilty to lose weight (despite dieting and exercising), cold hands and feet, dry skin, mild depression, chronic tiredness (despite plenty of sleep), constipation, brittle finger nails, hair coming out when brushing, forgetfulness, mood swings, irritability and anxiety, to name a few. Many medical studies now show that low thyroid almost always means high cholesterol.

Estradial (Estrogen): Estrogen is most commonly thought of as the female hormone. For 40 years, women have taken this hormone to prevent hot flashes, vaginal dryness, rapid aging, saggy, wrinkly skin, anxiety, weight gain, insomnia, incontinence from menopause. It is a woman’s best safeguard against diseases that accompany age. They say natural estrogens (not synthetic) also protects against heart disease in women over 35 years of age.

Progesterone: Progesterone is one of the most powerful natural mood elevators known. Being deficient in it you are more apt to be emotional. Women who are still menstruating, will have worsened PMS and will have moderate to severe menstrual problems such as heavy bleeding and cramping and endometriosis. When progesterone levels are optimal, sound sleep is restored, the chance of heart disease is much less, and bones become stronger, many women who have had hysterectomies have been told they do not need progesterone. This is simply not true. Low progesterone levels in any woman will cause permature aging, higher chances of heart disease, osteoporosis (thinning of the bones), migraine headaches, mood swings, fluid retention. uterine fibroids, ovarian or breast cysts, infertility problems and anxiety/panic attacks.

Testosterone: Although a woman has only a small amount of testosterone when compared to a man, it is extremely important for women. Testosterone begins its decline when a woman is in her early 30’s. Testosterone enhances sex drive and mood, while working to maintain bone health and lean muscle mass. Men who are low in testosterone generally lack initiative, are moody, grumpier and have a low libido. They also tend to gain weight more easily around the middle. Women low in this hormone will tend to be “flabbly” instead of muscular, will be more prone to thinning of the bones, and will have little to no interest in sex. In general, men and women low in testosterone tend to be much more passive about things – they lack the drive or assertiveness they had when they were younger. Raising testosterone levels in women and men brings back muscle tone, sex drive, and general vigor and vitality overall.

Do you see yourself in any of those descriptions? If you do please go online and check out Bio-identical hormones and compounding pharmacies, it might be the best thing you do for yourself this year.

More things to think about.



Hormones and Body Chemistry!

So here is the second part on no magic pill just plain hard work. I have mentioned hormone therapy before, but let me clarify, this is not your drug companies solution to womens menopause but an all natural approach to our body chemistry for men and women. Doesn’t it make sense that as we age, all our levels of hormones go down? Infact, what doesn’t decrease and start to fall apart on our bodies as we age? Would you be willing to spend your time and money if you could reverse that process? Well most people have, look how huge the health care industry and alternative medicine industry have become. That just shows us that people don’t want to decline in health or our ability to enjoy life. But who can afford to get their message out? Drug companies! Don’t get me wrong I am not against drug companies per se just the assertion that they have the cure for everything. Unfortunately, those that do have a really healthly cure don’t have the money for advertising because their products can be copied. They are natural and you can’t patent what is found in nature. Bio-identical hormones fall under that category and they work so well that drug companies and their cronies in congress are trying to stop all compounding pharmacies from making bio-identical hormones and individualizing each patients formulas to their body chemistry. They want it to fall under FDA control so that all compounds would be the same and they could more easily regulate them. Unfortunately the cost would go up and nothing could be individualized. That is the problem with drug companies Hormone Replacement Therapy’s, one size fits all they don’t work because nobody’s body chemistry is the same. Last time I checked with my pharmacist at the compounding pharmacy the bill in congress hadn’t passed, I pray it doesn’t. I don’t know what I would do, I can’t imagine going back, so many things have changed, improved for the better and made me feel like my old self. Interestingly a side effect of that has been an improvement in my RLS. I am not a medical doctor but I am the best doctor for my own body as we all should be. I know when things don’t work and when they do, especially when they are not masked by a handful of one size fits all drugs. Drugs that have been genetically altered so they can be patented and  have so many harmful side effects that I can’t possibly keep tract of all of them. I know I am quite passionate about Bio-identicals, but I can speak from a voice of experience and I know how they can change your life for the better.

You can go online and research Bio-indenticals and compounding pharmacies to find a doctor that works with them in any state. It isn’t cheap, but worth the price and I don’t think it even comes close to what it costs for regular drugs. However, for those of you that might not still be motivated to check it out, I am going to list some of the symptoms that we experience as our hormone levels drop in my next blog and then I would like you to ask yourself is that you and what is your good health and peace of mind worth?

More things to think about.



Restless legs – Depression – Bio-identical Hormones

Hi Everyone,
I decided to share a personal story with all of you that I believe is all connected in someway.
You have to forgive my prejudices, but I think anti-depressant drugs have created worse side effects than the depression many of us have suffered from in our lifetimes. It is interesting that for some odd reason (that someone might figure out eventually), many of us that suffer from Restless Legs Syndrome also experience depression, anxiety and panic. Yes, I know not sleeping can make one depressed, but did we have some symptoms of depression even before we had RLS? Did RLS create the depression or did the chemical imbalance of depression create RLS? I don’t truly know the answer to that, but it would be an interesting study.
I had quite severe depression in college many years ago, and had no idea, that that was what I was experiencing. It wasn’t talked about then. I just knew that when the black hole started to suck me in that I would be miserable, panicked, and scared that maybe this time I wouldn’t be able to climb out of the hole. I eventually found the will and the ability to cope with it and some steps to control it without medicine and spent most of my life happy with just intermittent times of anxiety and panic. Then I found Bio-identical hormones (Yes, these are for men and women) and realized I suffered all those years needlessly. Why this cure isn’t shouted from the house tops I don’t know, but it probably has to do with the huge Pharmaceuticals in this country, that make a fortune from our ignorance. They are so much cheaper than the drugs that are out there now. I just can’t tell you what a difference my quality of life is now that I am taking them and the greatest part is they are all natural and there are NO SIDE EFFECTS. The interesting thing is that now that my body is REALLY chemically balanced my RLS has diminished. Go figure?
I would love for everyone to know about Bio- identicals. To find a Doctor that prescribes them just get on the internet and search for a compounding pharmacy in your state and call them, and then ask for a Doctor in your area that works with Bio-identical Hormones. If I have convinced anyone to try them I would love to hear from you, because I know they will change your life around. They have for me. (There is a whole other letter I need to write about how Bio-identicals have helped me to lose weight, but I’ll save it for another time.)