Restless Leg Acupuncture

Has anyone looked into acupuncture for restless legs? We in the west have only just begun to use what the east has known for centuries. A family member of mine had very severe TMJ, headaches etc., thought it had cleared up and then had their tonsils out and begun having all kinds of trouble swallowing, breathing, headaches. They tried acupuncture, (actually on the advice of the regular MD, hooray for him) and have found great relief from all the problems. Maybe our energy flow is disrupted with RLS and therefore we have this residual pain. Just a thought.

RLS – Natural vs. Pharmaceutical Remedies

I don’t have all the answers but for me going the natural way is so much healthier and smarter. The natural way takes longer but it doesn’t cost as much. Look at what you take into your body and what kind of an exercise regiment you have. Most people don’t want to go this route because it takes work and a longer time, but you avoid the high costs of drugs and all the side effects.

Restless Leg Syndrome and Exercise

Here is my weekly post:

I have exercised all my life, partly because I couldn’t stay still, but mainly because of the health benefits and how it made me feel. However, it wasn’t until my RLS became so bad that I started to try different exercises to try and help the pain and discomfort I was experiencing. I found mainly through accident that walking later in the evening; outside in good weather and an elliptical trainer on bad days; helped me to sleep better at night. If I exercised too hard, it had the opposite effect.