Christmas and Having Joy!

Sometimes when people have chronic pain it is hard to focus past the hurt. But doing just that might help us in the long run. I remember one story where a son was far away from his family and trying to learn new things and to make a difference to those around him. He felt he was failing at everything, so he wrote home complaining about all the many things that were going wrong in his life and how he wasn’t being successful and how no one was listening to him, in general he said nothing was going as he had expected it to. A week later he got a letter from his father that had one short line. “Forget yourself and go to work.” Now I know that living with a constant reoccurring pain is different in many respects than this young man’s story, but I think we all can benefit expecially at this time of year to forget ourselves for a season and think of how we can help others. It just might in the long run help us to forget for even one day the pain we constantly have to deal with, and that can’t be a bad thing for any of us.

Merry Christmas and may you have joy this Holiday Season!


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