Diet and Depression!

How is it that our country as a whole cannot connect the dots to our eating habits and our current health problems. Is it just laziness? Is it that we have overindulged ourselves so much in everything that we refuse to limit, deprive, or deny ourselves anything? I hope that many of you read the article in Parade magazine about how diet can affect depression. I concur wholeheartedly. We are what we eat, is an old saying, but so true. We are literally eating ourselves to death. How many times do we need to be told that we should consume more fish, fruit and vegetables, to stop eating fast foods and prepared packaged foods? I would like to quote from the article that was about the research study of the diets of British civil servants and depression.

The researchers noted the “protective effect” of a whole-food diet. Conversely, they said, a diet of precessed meats, sweetened desserts, fried foods, refined cereals, and high-fat dairy products, “seems to be deleterious for depression.”

So what could be the reasons for this?

The researchers raised several possibilities: Perhaps it is the antioxidants in fruits and vegetables, thought to protect cells from damage; the folic acid in leafy greens, which affects brain tissue; or the omega-3 fatty acids in fish, present in certain brain membranes. Or, they speculated , the benefits may be cumulative.

I think is ironic that things that taste so good are destroying our health. Refined sugar and flours have been linked to so many health problems. I always think about Dr Christopher and his story about his arthritis symptoms and how they became almost intolerable whenever he had even a little bit of sugar. He said because he had such severe arthritis that when he ate any refined sugar he would be in a wheelchair the next day.

I know it is a daily struggle because they taste good and they are convenient. I fight the same battle, but just maybe it is time to start fighting the battle for our health.

Just some more things to think about.


6 thoughts on “Diet and Depression!

  1. I have been informed that elminating dairy products from your diet and your restless leg problems will disappear. I am in the process of doing this and I am certainly much, much better – been over 50 years I have had RLS – I have not eliminated all dairy – I love cheese too much – but almost there. Give it a try, wont hurt – you will miss butter and cheese, probably – but hey try for two weeks and see.

  2. My mother had suffered RLS for years and I started with the same a few years ago. Last year I stopped eating any foods that contained hydrogenated fats and high fructose corn syrup, and I don’t not have RLS anymore. It rook about 6 months for the jumping to stop, but I am totally free of jumping legs. If I eat something that has anything hydrogenated, my legs jump that night. So, get rid of the processed food in your life and it might help, it did for me. I also stop using any lotion that had petroleum based products.

  3. Changing diet seems to be a great idea, my mother suffered from RLS for many years we discovered that Multivitamin B 12M (VB12M) helped a lot, her symptoms went away within a week and as long as she is taking it is not coming back..

    Could you please update your blog more often? I like reading it.

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