Diet and Restless Legs?

Do diet and RLS have anything in common? It is an interesting question. I have long thought that our lower backs can directly effect our symptoms with RLS. Our bowels are located right by our lower backs, if things aren’t working right in that department can it put pressure and distress on our lower backs and can that in turn increase RLS symptoms? I don’t have the answer to that, but it sounds like a logical conclusion to me. What I do know is that what we eat does directly effect our health and maybe if we were more health conscious about what we put into our bodies we could help the severity of RLS or even stop some of the symptoms completely.

If when eating food, digestion or constipation are problems for you, you might be interested in a website I found. It presents a whole new idea on not only what we eat but how we combine foods. The website is On one of it’s advertisements it states that:

“Chemically engineered boxed, bagged, bottled, canned and frozen foods have made us tired, fat and sick…..In addition, the way we combine food that doesn’t digest quickly and easily when eaten together saps energy, adds weight and creates pain, sickness and disease.”

It further states:

“Over 30% of Americans now use antacids and stomach medicines for pain on a regular basis; many need them after every single meal!”

I liked the concepts of this site and have purchased the eBooks and cookbook for myself. I have tried several of the recipes and really liked them. I am trying to slowly change the way I eat and what foods I combine together and it seems to help overall. It has made me eat more small meals so I can enjoy all the fruits I like but that fits right into what science and medicine has espoused for years and that is, we should be eating 6 small meals a day instead of 3 large ones. There is no doubt that as a society we are more fat and less healthy, so maybe there is something to this great taste no pain diet. Let me know what you think.

Just some more ideas to chew on.


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