I had someone tell me once that we are our own best doctors, if we would just listen to what our bodies are telling us. That is not giving in to our cravings or addictions, but really listening to that little voice that says that doesn’t feel right or that helped, I need to do more of that. Have you ever really exercised and sweated and hurt; thinking this is ridiculous, why am I killing myself off? And then you have a break through, you feel like you are on a natural high and you have never felt better in your life? You tell yourself, boy I want to do that again, that was great! But the next day the thought of starting all that work again just seems too hard, you have other things you should do; and that happens the next day and the next and pretty soon you have forgotten all about that great feeling you had. Things are fine for a while but then your body gets out of whack you start feeling poorly and all of a sudden you remember that feeling again and decide you really need to work out again.

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