Fighting Thyroid Problems

The issues of thyroid have been a concern for me for many years. And I really thought I had discussed just about all aspects of what to do, but I find myself rethinking some premises I have had. Now I haven’t changed from the premise that many modern day illnesses area because a persons thyroid is not working as well as it should or that natural ways to treat thyroid are the very best. What has slightly shifted for me is the when. When should someone start taking medication for thyroid problems. We have become a society of quick fixes and that a pill whether natural or not is the best approach. But is that always the case? Should the health care professionals of all sorts first try foods and supplements before they prescribe a medication? Now don’t get me wrong I am not against Armour Thyroid. I feel it is the best alternative to Synthroid and other thyroid pharmaceuticals on the market, however do we start it too soon, before we have tried whole foods or supplements.

The problem with starting medication as soon as we discover that we have a thyroid problem is that once we start taking the medication, what has been working on the thyroid slowly stops working as well and begins to let the medication do all the work, so our thyroid just continues to get weaker. Now supposedly that isn’t serious because we have the medication to do the job, but is that really the best choice? Could we help our thyroid to function better if we tried other things first, such as kelp? Now kelp has iodine and you have to be careful how much you take and the same goes with putting a touch of real iodine on your sternum as I know some people do. But would that make the difference from dependency on medication to a better functioning thyroid? I really don’t know. I am on the Armour Thyroid route and I dare say I will probably stay on it because my thyroid is now smaller than it was, but if I could give my readers something to consider or to try before they make that choice then maybe this paradigm shift on my part is a good thing.

Just something to think about.


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  1. Thanks for your article, it was a very interesting read, and most helpful for me. It answered many of my questions, and hopefully I will be able to implement your suggestions, and have a positive outcome.

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