Flu Season!

It is starting already. The body aches, fever, stuffy nose and drainage down the back of the throat that makes the throat raw and sore. It spreads like wild fire among the masses and seems to hit you at least a couple of times a year. Now I am sure some of you get flu shots and don’t get the flu or just a mild case of it, but I don’t believe in flu shots because of my past experiences with it so I just take my chances each year. Now some might think that is foolish but I have the remedy for the flu down pat so I just don’t worry about it. So for those of you that like to go with natural remedies I thought I would share my recipe for beating the flu or at least minimizing it. Here it is.

First sign of symptoms I spray my throat with Zicam. Don’t use the nose spray because they have found evidence of it interfering with your sense of smell. Just get the throat spray and use it several times a day. It will take away any sore throat you might have and you won’t experience it again if you use it for the duration of the flu. I use Xlear nose spray next and I never have to worry about not being able to breathe. I still have to blow my nose a lot but I can sleep without the stuffiness. Next I take Elderberry in concentrated form. New Chapter is my favorite but it is expensive. I then take Zinc, increase my dose of Vitamin C and take Kyolic Garlic. I also take a supplement that one of my health care professionals developed called 10 Day Results – Get-Well Stay-Well. It is amazing how fast I rebound. I don’t feel great the first 2 days but I can handle work just fine after that and though I don’t have much energy the flu is usually completely gone in a week and a half and I know I feel better than most people with the flu.

Hope you will give it a try. Let me know if it works for you.


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