Interval Training

All right, I went to Wal-Mart and for about $40, I purchased a wrist watch heart monitor. It is really pretty easy to use and seems really accurate. I have wanted to buy a heart monitor for a long time, but never really understood how it could help me in my workout. After reading a little more and actually trying one session at home, I am convinced anyone can do this. So this is how it works. You decide what kind of exercise you want to participate in; walking, running, biking/spinning, swimming, or elliptical crosstrainers. I chose the elliptical. Before you start you need to know your heart rate target. If you are a beginner and not in the best of shape take your age, subtract it from 220. 220 – 40 (age) = 180. Now multiply that by 70%.  180 x .7 = 126. If you are 40 your heart rate target should be 126. If you are in fairly good shape do the same math but multiply by .85. If you are in excellent shape multiply by .95.

Now that you have your target heart rate, do a 5 minute warm-up. Then pretend you are being chased by a wild animal and walk, run or swim as fast as you can. Do this until your heart rate reaches your target. Then slow to almost no effort at all, until you can breathe easily and there is a 30 point drop in your heart rate. Now go full tilt once more until you reach you target heart rate and then slow down again. Repeat this process until you have exercised for at least 30 minutes.  You will probably only be able to do this 7 or 8 times in that amount of time, especially if you are just beginning the program. I went through 7 cycles and was surprised at several things: one, how easy it was to accomplish; two, how fast it went; three, how tired I got, and four, how sore I was the next day. I usually am only that sore after a good workout at the gym.

I think I would recommend this to anyone. The nice thing is you can choose the type of exercise you enjoy most, so it might help you stick with it and not give up. And remember you are still burning calories many hours after you have finished the training.

Hopefully, something that might energize you.


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