Iodine and Thyroid

I just heard on the news about a link between iodine and thyroid. That is the second time I have been reminded of the link between the two, and since I have had personal experience with a low thyroid, I felt it was worth commenting about on my blog. There are many thyroid problems, but the main one I am going to talk about today is Hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism stems from an underproduction of thyroid hormones. Since your body’s energy production requires certain amounts of thyroid hormones, a drop in hormone production leads to lower energy levels. I think this is the most common problem and one that seems to effect women in particularly as they age. I talked more in depth about this when I was discussing Bio-Identical Hormones, but in essence being low in the thyroid hormone can cause weight gain, lack of energy, hair falling out and cold hands and feet. The very best test for thyroid problems is a blood test with your doctor, but have them test for T3 and T4 not just TSH, which is the standard test and really doesn’t tell you anything.

Before I knew about Bio-Identical Hormones I had my thyroid tested and it was for the TSH. The doctor said it wasn’t that low, but I explained I was tired all the time and couldn’t lose weight, so he put me on Synthroid and for the next 2 years absolutely nothing changed. It wasn’t until I met with my hormone doctor that I learned about T3 and T4. I also learned about a little test to see if my iodine levels were low. He explained that iodine can help the thyroid to function better. He told me to rub regular iodine on my upper inner arm and watch it for 24 hours. If it disappeared before that time I was low in iodine. He also wanted me to keep track of when it disappeared, because the sooner it did the lower I was in iodine. I don’t think mine lasted for more than 5 hours before it completely disappeared. I was amazed. If you know anything about iodine it use to be a common treatment for cuts and scrapes. It would sting like the dickens and it would stain your skin for a very long time. You can understand why I was amazed when it completely disappeared in 5 hours. My doctor then put me on a supplement called Iodoform with iodine to build back my levels of iodine and to make sure the thyroid medicine I was taking would be effective.

I now make sure all my salt has iodine in it. If you didn’t know that most salts have it as part of the ingredients then check out the container next time you buy it. It is a smart way to get some of the iodine your body needs.

It might be worth the time to take the iodine test. It is an easy test to do and you can see immediately if you are low in iodine. Also, if you have some of the symptoms I talked about for low thyroid you might want to have your doctor do the blood test because low iodine could be effecting your thyroid.


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