Keeping Track of Exercise and Sleep Habits

I think I might start keeping track of what I eat, the exercise and sleep I get and any unusual things I might do doing the week. I would like to have a little more hard data on what really brings on RLS for me and in doing so I might help others who suffer from RLS. I know when I stop paying attention, that is when I notice an onslaught of symptoms. Funny how that seems to apply to so many things in life. Just when you think you have conquered some bad habit or you have really licked your sweet tooth you stop paying attention and you become complacent, that is when everything falls apart and you start to slip into old bad habits and paths of least resistance. Who knows, if I can be vigilant with my RLS, I might finally stick to my exercise routine. Since, in most cases they are related, I just might get a 2 for 1.

Here’s hoping just mentioning it on my blog will help me stick to my resolve. So, if you can give any words of support, I am listening.


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