Mental Illness?

I know this is a touchy topic but I need to make a personal observation. I was reading about a young women who was suffering with Schizophrenia but seemed to be handling the disease very well. She credited her ability to handle it on the support she had received from family and loved ones and the medical profession. Several things came to mind as I read the article. First, there are far too many mental illnesses in this world and I am including depression in that group. I would wager that it is unparalleled from any other time in history. Secondly, I am disturbed by the number of children being diagnosed with mental illness. It makes you wonder why that is the case? Third, what is causing all of these problems, is it our culture?  And fourth, what can we do about it? If I were a scientist or researcher maybe I might be able to come up with the answers to those questions, but I am not, so I can only offer an opinion.

I think we might be more responsible for that problem than we want to admit. Could it be our lifestyles and what we take into our bodies? Yes, I know some of you will say it is biological, chemical or hereditary and we can’t do anything about it but take drugs, and maybe in some cases that is correct but I don’t believe the majority of the cases are that way. So then, could it be our reduced interaction with each other inparticularly our family? Could it be the me factor and always thinking about what can make me happy? Could it be our greed and lack of service. Could it be our coping skills. Could it be the victim mentality that nothing is ever our fault?

I don’t have the answers to all of that but I have some strong feelings. We do eat unhealthy as a society, so why would we not think there is a correlation to what we eat and our bodies becoming chemically unbalanced? The majority of people don’t get enough exercise especially children. We don’t even force physical activity on our children at school. How many parents insist their children play outside everyday instead of being in front of the computer or TV? Don’t even get me started about the lack of sunshine people get in a day. With both parents working and kids in every organized activity there is to offer when do we have time to sit down and talk to our children let alone play a game with them? Yes, we have lots of stress but how much of that is our own faults? Coping skills? Life isn’t fair so get use to it! But do we help them know how to handle it? Do we talk and really listen to each other before we have to get going and do something more important? I don’t care how many drugs you throw out there, if a person doesn’t know how to handle the ups and downs in life and realize, how the only constant thing is change, meaning things will get better, what do they have to look forward too? Hollywood has made us all think we have to have all the things they have to be happy but isn’t “true happiness” as I read once, “contentment with the little”. If you constantly think you have to have what everyone else has and that life is suppose to be fair and equal and you continually think about yourself and no one else, how then can you be happy? Do we make service a part of our lives? Just a small moment when we are thinking of others and not our self. Learn to have more positive self talk, it’s amazing how strong a force that can be in your life. Eat better, exercise, de-stress your life. If you can’t make these changes on your own then talk to a family member, a friend, a clergy, or God. Just don’t give up, there is always hope!

Just something to think about.


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