New Iron Supplement!

Actually I do not know how long this type of iron supplement has been on the market, but it is new to me and I liked what I heard. It is marketed by several different companies on line, you only have to type in “iron supplement blood builder”, and it will give you the list. What impressed me about this product is that it is made from plants that have iron occurring naturally without artificially adding iron to be absorbed by the plant.  Anything that is found naturally in nature has to be better and more easily absorbed by the body. I have mentioned many times the benefits of iron for those with Restless Leg Syndrome, so I like to continue to look for the best products available for us.

Just as a side note they have found that iron helps our thyroid to function better and since our thryoid helps us sleep better and maintain our weight, taking iron now has a double benefit. Besides who couldn’t use a better night sleep.

More things to think about.


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