Skin Cancer, Are There Natural Cures?

I’ve debated whether to put this on my blog, because I don’t want to tout some miracle cure. I don’t have that, only just an interesting experience that made me curious as to the possibilities of natural cures for skin cancer. It involves Dr. Christopher’s Complete Tissue Ointment. I really love this stuff. My last 2 blogs have been about it. I use it for sprains, sore tendons, you name it, I just had never used it for one of the main reasons it received it’s original name of “Bone, Cartilage and Flesh”. I think I had read in some of Dr. Christopher’s books about using it for skin cancer. I don’t really remember because I am sure I blew it off as some outrageous claim, until my husband had the ugliest looking sore on his shoulder that never got better and continued to be soft and mushy. A perfect candidate for skin cancer? Well that is what I thought, but trying to get your husband to see the doctor is another story. I guess that is when I remembered about Complete Tissue and skin cancer. At that point I decided that it couldn’t hurt and since my husband was unwilling to go to the doctor to have it checked out, I could at least rub that stuff on it, until he changed his mind. Well, that went on for the next couple of months and actually started to look better, but still hadn’t gone away completely.

I think it was at that point and because of my constant nagging that he finally decided to go to the doctor. To make a long story short it was skin cancer, but not malignant, and the doctor simply cut it out. So my question is, was it always nonmalignant, or had the Complete Tissue arrested the spread of the cancer and was actually curing it. I don’t have the answer to that because it was never tested before hand. Who knows? I just know that I use it on my nose all the time when I have a change in my skin tissue from too much sun, or when a sore on my nose doesn’t go away. I just put loads of Complete Tissue on it and they always seem to go away. Coincidence? Could be, but I am not going to stop just on the small chance that it really does work.

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