Staying Healthy While Traveling on a Plane and Avoiding Deep Vein Thrombosis

I read this article by Judi Dash on ways to stay healthy on a plane. There was some really good advice on such things as; drinking water or fruit juices every hour and avoiding alcohol or caffiene drinks, bringing your own blanket and pillow because you can never be sure how clean their supplies are, and being careful with blocked ears from colds or high altitudes by chewing gum, sucking on candy or swallowing. However, the item that caught my attention was on blood clots, also known as deep venous thrombosis or DVT which can develop in the deep veins of the legs, especially on long flights. They can lead to a potentially deadly embolism, sometimes days after the trip. Her solutions were exactly things we should do and sometimes have to do with Restless leg syndrome; that is stretch and walk around, do in-seat extension and flexes, avoid sitting with your legs crossed and try to get your legs above your heart, which is impossible unless you are in first class or you have my product the Restful Traveler, that at least gets your legs raised up off the seat cushion so there is no compression on the blood vessels. So, I think it is nice to know that if we do those things that can help with RLS we can also avoid ever having deep vein thrombosis.  I thought it was great to have something positive to say about having restless legs.


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