Strengthening the Lower Back

I have often felt that part of the problem for those of us suffering with Restless Leg Syndrome had to do with a weaker lower back. Mainly, I have focused on exercises and stretches that would strengthen the back; or developing the habit of walking every evening to increase  strength and relieve some of the tensions of the day. However, recently I visited my chiropractor and we discussed more in detail the advantages of the pettibon system and inparticularly the folcrum exercises. These exercises consist of a series of exercises done on various foam folcrums designed to put the curve back into the spine. The reason was, I learned, that 70 to 80% of our bodies strength comes from the correct curve of the spine in the lower back and neck. So not only can weak muscles effect us but the actual curve of the spine. That explains why even after hitting the gym frequently or doing nightly stretches our lower back can still be weak and cause problems, because the real conundrum is without the right curve in our lower back and neck, exercises won’t be as effective and we will always be weaker than we should. Now I don’t advocate giving up on those exercises but maybe it’s time to ask your doctor about the pettibon system and how you can get the curve back in your spine.

Happy New Year to all of you.



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