Stretching, Exercise and Chiropractic Care, Cont.

I was going to write about the new Chiropractic system another time but felt I really hadn’t finished all I had wanted to say on exercise and chiropractic care, so this is a continuation of the first installment about the magic pill. I guess I lump exercise and chiropractic care together only because they both work on the muscles and spine and I don’t think one is effective without the other.

This new chiropractic system is called the Pettibon System. I am sure you can google Pettibon and read all about it, so I will give a brief nuts and bolts description. This new system focuses on trying to completely heal the body not just adjust it for a time. The premise is that simple adjustments without strengthening the weaker muscles will just throw the body back out of alignment. They have exercises and weights that you need to use the rest of your life. When the spine  doesn’t have it’s curve the whole body is weaker. So how does all this relate to RLS? Since the spine houses the nerves for our body and if our spine is compacting on the nerves we are not getting a healthy flow through our nervous system or with our flow of energy.  If our back is out of alignment that can directly effects our legs. I have also felt that weak lower backs can have a strong impact our ability to sleep at night. Are they related? I will let you find that out for yourselves, but for me I have noticed a signficant improvement in my RLS.

Again no magic pill, just hard work, but isn’t it better to make a lasting difference with our RLS instead of a temporary one?

More things to think about.


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