Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

I ran across this AP article about SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome and felt it was worth repeating. I think everyone has heard by now that babies should not be put on their stomachs when sleeping. This simple act has cut U.S. SIDS deaths by more than half. As the article said; “Placing infants on their backs is the best advice for preventing SIDS, a still mysterious cause of death.” It goes on to give other advice, saying; ” Experts also recommend a firm mattress, removing toys and pillows from cribs and keeping infants from getting too warm.” All practical advice, but the thing that caught my eye was the articles recommendation of using a fan to circulate air. It seems researchers have found that using fans seemed to lower the risk of sudden infant death syndrome in a study of nearly 500 babies.”

Well, whether it really makes a difference or not, I really can’t think of a good enough reason not to do all of those things if it just might possible safe the life of a precious new baby.

Just though you might like to know.


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