That Magic Pill?

The thought came to me that as a society we too often try to find that magic pill. The one thing that will make all the difference and deliver the cure! I think we can agree that is not real life and the chances of discovering a magic pill is an illusion at best, so then why do we keep searching? I would like to think we are optimists at heart, but all too often I think we are just plain lazy. A pill is easy and we don’t have to sweat or work out the problem on our own. We don’t have to give up our vices or deny ourselves things we enjoy.

You might wonder how that applies to RLS. Well I see it all the time in drug companies advertisments for the latest drug they have found to help (cure?) restless legs. Here is the new magic pill they shout. But wonder if the real answers to Restless Legs isn’t a pill, but just good old fashion hard work and how we care for our bodies? Are we willing to take that step and not just look for the easy answer? Everyones search might give them different answers but I do believe it will be worth the time spent. I would like to share 3 things I have found that I think are essential to helping RLS and maybe even our overall health. I will give the first part on my next blog.

More things to think about.


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