The Dangers of Hidden Mercury!!

I found another threat of mercury that we women have to watch out for; I wasn’t even aware of until I read it on the Optimal Health University Newsletter that is in my chiropractor’s office. It talked about the dangers of mascara and eye shadow.

“Eye cosmetics – which contain pigments, fragrance, resins and preservatives – are a common cause of eyelid dermatitis. Many also include mercury as a preservative and germ killer. Federal law allows eye products to contain up to 65 parts per million of mercury.”

“A well-known cause of neurological damage, mercury accumulates in the body over time: making even minimal exposure potentially dangerous.”

I have talked about the dangers of mercury that leaches from our fillings and that some research suggests that there could be a link to mercury poison and RLS. Obviously, if it can cause neurological damage it can have an impact on the increase of our symptoms .

If it isn’t one thing it is another and to think of all the years I have used mascara and eye shadow! I just wish the manufacturers would list in plain English what they put in there products and then maybe we could be better informed consumers. Obviously, they don’t want us to be informed because we wouldn’t buy their products.

I have heard of some homeopathic products that supposedly can help remove mercury from our systems. I will see if I can found some names and brands and let you know.

More things to think about.


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