The last Part of That Magic Pill

This is the easiest to write about, but probably the most difficult to maintain, because when you are feeling better why do you need to take all that stuff. Stuff such as an iron supplement or calcium and magnesium at night or vitamin B complex. Also you have to give up so much, such as alcohol, coffee, coca colas, chocolate or tobacco, they all make RLS worse, but we enjoy them so much. A regular exercise  routine? We are too busy. Maintaining a regular sleep schedule. In our crazy society? There are lots of excuses but nothing that makes sense if we want to learn to control our disease. Diabetics have to completely change their life styles if they want to live, but since our disease isn’t life or death just quality of life sometimes we don’t want to make the sacrifice. I do the same expecially when my RLS is doing great.

I hope all  of us can get the determination and spirit we need to control our RLS and live happy and pain free lives. We all deserve it, don’t you think?

And I especially hope that you all have a warm and happy Thanksgiving.


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