The New Exercise Program: Interval Training

There is a new book out on interval training that I had not been aware of until my doctor mentioned it to me and began to expound on the virtues of this type of excercise. I learned some interesting things.  First, that the most important piece of equipment one can have is a heart rate monitor.  Second, that there are two types of workouts. One is an endurance class and the other is an interval class. The endurance class is for keeping our heart and lungs in shape. The interval class is for losing weight. (Now why am I talking about losing weight? Two reasons, first, how many of us in this fast food, sweets and soda drinking society hasn’t had to fight to maintain our weight; second, being over weight has to be a factor in worsening the onset of RLS. Breathing is harder, exercising is harder and I can’t help but think that all that extra weight could be effecting our circulation.) Anyway, back to the interesting facts. The third thing I learned is that interval training can help us burn calories longer than running. I was surprised at that. My doctor said that if you ran at a good pace maintaining that speed for an hour you would continue to burn calories for another 2 to 4 hours. That sounds good, but doing an interval workout for just a half an hour can help you burn calories for up to 48 hours. That seems unbelievable, but he is a very knowledgeable doctor and I am sure he is right. He gave me some more information on how to do interval training and use the heart rate monitor that I will share with you next time after I have tried it and also had a chance to look at the book that was written on it.

Heres to a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight and get in shape! Might it happen for all of us.


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