The Risks of Caffeine and Miscarriages.

I ran across an article in the newspaper that talked about how caffeine may raise the risk of a miscarriage and thought how many negatives there are to consuming caffeine. I have talked about it many times concerning restless leg syndrome and how it can increase the severity of the symptoms. I have mentioned it in the article about how to sleep better and drinking things that have caffeine in them late at night isn’t going to help you have a better night sleep. All of that information is important to know about caffeine but not life threatening, however this information is and if you are thinking about getting pregnant or are pregnant this could be critical to know.

The article was from  a study of the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, that you can read more in depth at In essence the study found that consuming large amounts of caffeine during pregnancy by drinking coffee, soda, tea or hot chocolate increases the risk of a miscarriage. The study said that caffeine crossed the placenta barrier easily and once in the fetus it may stay there longer. It also said that in large quantities, caffeine may also decrease placental blood flow and harm development. So not only should pregnant women limit their intake of caffeine but if you are thinking of becoming pregnant you should do the same because the first 20 to 40 days after an egg is fertilized is a key time in its development.

So many important things to know out there but sometimes we don’t have the time to research them all. For me having children is one of the greatest joys in this life and I would hate to see someone have their hopes crushed just because they didn’t know that little bit of information. At least I can pass it along to all of you and maybe it will save just one pregnancy as a result.


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